e-Vehicle Charging Station . . .

Electric Vehicle Charging Point

We can install electric vehicle charger plug & socket or kit for car, scooter etc in homes, parking lots and commercial buildings.

Commercial Charging

Consult with us to provide your customers and employees, car charging options on site. We work with our clients to provide custom designs for existing facilities to come up with the most optimal cost effective solutions for maximum Benefits to our clients

Residential Home Charging

Ask us about our free estimates for residential car charger installations. We provide free of cost home visits for our residential customers to provide free estimates and information on getting you fully equipped and ready to own an electric vehicle.

Electric Scooters & Bikes

Own an electric scooter? Need a convenient and cost effective charger installed? You are at the right place. Contact us today for a Free Estimate.

Electric Parking Lots

The future is electric. It’s coming fast and we are here to help you stay ahead. Our experienced engineers and field technicians are experts in modernizing existing parking lots to accommodate demand for electric charging.